Why a smile can improve your customer service experience


Many strive to achieve a great product or service but fail by ignoring that this is only part of the value proposition. Customers want to buy a complete package that includes your product and the customer service that comes with it; this experience includes the sale, purchase, and post-sale. Your goal is not just getting your customer to buy and go, but that they buy into your product & service and will even bring more customers.

A great customer experience consists of small details and one of the most important is the smile. This simple action can have a dramatic impact on the way you relate to a customer and the impression that this will give about your brand. No matter whether you interact with a client in person, by phone, live call, chat or email, a good attitude will always be useful.

What your smile can do to your customers

A smile costs you nothing, but if you don’t offer one you can lose all when it comes to your customers.

  • A good smile can increase confidence by up to 10%, studies have shown. This impression can be seen by people as a vital component in the sales process.
  • It helps build a good first impression of your business; a customer will always prefer to do business with someone who is happy.
  • Smiling improves your mood and therefore the attitude in which you face everyday situations, including your sales work and customer support.
  • A smile is contagious and humans tend to copy emotions, so a good attitude on your part can improve your customers as well; this will help a lot in the sales and support process.

How start the day with a smile?

Not every day is going to be nice, but for that, you have a team; at Bebot Eatery Pahawhawan, we support each other sharing great attitude. We share positive things, internal achievements, and some jokes either in person or by Slack.

The idea is that even as a distributed team, we try to take care of each other, which makes you feel good at work and it makes it easier to smile to your customers, even during days when it is not so simple.

We recommend you try finding nice things to smile about before starting the day because sometimes a fake smile is worse than not smiling at all.

I hope you find these tips useful because it has helped us to maintain a very good relationship with our customers. Remember that good customer service powers a good product or service, in fact, a 2011 study found that 86% of customers left a company because of poor customer service.

A customer enjoying their meal

“Try out Tinola Malasugi here in Bebot Eatery Pahawhawan to start your day with a smile! Visit us here now in Curry Avenue Catbalogan City.

-Gazz Gaspay


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