About us

Pahawhawan, the brand name of Bebot Eatery Restaurant

Our History
“Bebot Eatery, also known as Pahawhawan restaurant started in 2014, fast forward today, Pahawhawan is now one of the most popular restaurant in the city of Catbalogan. We started our humble beginnings from scratch and with hard work and prayers, we pulled it off. From a street eatery in San Francisco Street, to comfortable indoor restaurant in Curry Avenue. At first, we tried serving different kind of dish like meat. But we realize that our fish is the best seller. So Mano Bebot decided to learn the art Pahawhawan, a unique type of tinola common here in Samar. Fast forward to this day, the people of Catbalogan loved his recipe. The business grew, and we realize our chairs and tables cant accommodate all customers, so we decided to move on a better location. So be sure to visit us soon, we will make sure you experience will worth it. A picture may be worth thousand of words, but eating together with your family in Pahawhawan can fulfill you.”

Our Goal
“Our standards in food upholds a purposeful approach to our work, achieving decisive and excellent results. It is our assertive standing within our expertise in food is the result of our hard work and goal-oriented diligence. It is with our great care and attention to detail that allow us to say that we are not opinionated. “